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Monkeys are unquestionably more intelligent than most other animals, and whether or not they would be able to manage a motorcycle in real life is debatable. To picture what it would be like if a bunch of hairy tree-dwellers formed a gang and went out to terrorize the highways, iSoftbet developed Motorbike Monkey, a fun-free slots game that can be played online.

It is possible to match up matching bananas to form traditional playing card symbols, which often show on the reels and may be matched to provide even the smallest of winnings. However, the higher paying symbols in this game include a slew of various monkeys on various motorcycles, ranging from Harleys to Vespas.

How to play Motorbike Monkey?

How to play Motorbike Monkey
How to play Motorbike Monkey

Motorbike Monkey is a free online slot machine. It has intriguing gaming features like special symbols, bonus games with progressive payouts, a venture game, and other exciting gaming features. It is necessary to play the Motorbike Monkey slot machine by placing bets on one to five coins per line, depending on your selection. The denomination might range from two to fifty cents, depending on the coin. Therefore, each spin’s maximum allowed wager is sixty-two dollars and fifty cents. The maximum number of symbols used in a combination is four because the fifth reel performs unique tasks. This reel contains the symbols that increase the payouts by forming combinations and the icons that display pictures of the bonus wins.

When placing the maximum stake, the player has the opportunity to collect monkey-bikers that have been dropped down at the winning lines. The player may either swap the monkeys for extra payouts or retain them until the progressive jackpot is drawn if they have between three and six monkeys remaining.

There is also a chance-based venture game in the Motorbike Monkey video slot in which it is possible to bet the winnings from a single play. A red or a black motorbike would have to be selected in this case. If the color of the bottom card matches the color of the top card, your payout will be doubled. If you don’t, you’re out of luck.

Spinning Statistics

This slot machine has five reels and 25 pay lines, and it is a video slot. Players may place bets as little as 0.01 a line and as high as 0.05 a line – the cost of placing maximum bets is just 1.25 per line. However, when you include the coins that may be wagered in addition to your initial investment, the value of your spins might increase significantly. The total number of coins that may be utilized is 125. The more money you wager, the more it will cost you – but the greater the amount of money you will gain compared to wagering modest amounts.

Whether you want to be a passenger, you may use the auto spin mode to relax and enjoy the experience as it unfolds. Before you begin, pick your stake and then select the number of spins you want the game to play automatically. It is possible to exit the game if you feel that it is moving too rapidly for your liking.

Unique Features

The addition of a free spins feature, which is activated by rolling four or more of the free spins symbol during regular play, increases the likelihood of winning money while playing this slot. There are also multiplier symbols, which may increase your winnings by up to five times what they would otherwise be. There are also certain rapid pay symbols that, when they appear, can instantly increase your payment by between 10 and 100 coins, which is an excellent way to get a quick boost in your bankroll.

Handlebar Hit

In keeping with the game’s concept, the UI of Motorbike Monkey is meant to seem like the handlebars of a motorcycle. The spin button is located on one side of the screen, the max bet button is located on the other, and the different dials in the center are used for monitoring wagers, setting up auto spins, and doubling down whenever you hit a winning streak.

Whenever you strike a winning combination of symbols, you can see how much credit you have left in one of the wing mirrors, while the other displays your entire payment. When it comes to progressive slots games, the promise of winning a large jackpot with Motorbike Monkey may be enough to entice you to try your luck.

Simple to Understand and Play

Gaining an understanding of the slot game is quite simple all you have to press the buttons on the motorcycle’s dashboard to get started.

Race Towards the Jackpots

When it comes to slot machines, Motorbike Money may be classified as both a non-progressive and a progressive jackpot slot machine – but how does that work? Well, you may earn 1,000 coins by spinning in 5 of a type of the racing red motorcycle monkey, or if you wager the highest stakes and collect Motorbike Monkeys on your reels – you will have the possibility to keep gathering until you reach the final bonus level – you can win a total of 5,000 coins if you have anything left over after you reach the last bonus level. Mega888 also offers FREE Credits for the player to enjoy the games without limit.


First, we’d like to emphasize that we enjoyed Motorbike Monkey’s company. When compared to other comparable positions, it performs well. The visuals are sleek, and the audio enhancements elevate the game to a new level of beauty, thanks to the game’s beautiful design and innovative sounds.

Remember that you can always try out our sample versions of our slots for free. It’s a beautiful place to start when trying out new slots, particularly if you’re planning on making a larger first payment. A unique model, Motorbike Monkey, has an original interface and extraordinary gaming features. It is a unique model with an original interface and a unique set of gaming functions. In general, this video slot is not for everyone, but we are confident that most of our readers will like it tremendously. For more information can contact contact Mega888 customer service.