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918Kiss Vs. XE88: The Best Online Casino, Malaysia

918Kiss Vs XE88 the Best Online Casino Malaysia

Whether you’ve never played one before or been a fan for years of online casino slot games doesn’t matter. It is becoming more common for people worldwide to work from home, and internet activities are increasingly popular. It’s no secret that online casinos are becoming more and more trendy, but which slot game is the most famous and why? 918kiss is most recognized for being generally accepted by gamers, but what about XE88? If you’re comparing 918kiss to XE88, it’s hard to tell which one is better.

In Malaysia, they’re both trendy. To help you determine, we’ve written an overview of the most important differences and similarities.

Introduction of 918KISS

Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand are among the nations in Southeast Asia where 918Kiss is now recognized, having previously been known as ‘SCR888.’ People’s hearts and homes have been won over by the revamped ‘918Kiss.’

It has the single most outstanding player base globally, with ten thousand active players at any moment, setting a new record. What is it about it that makes it so popular? 918Kiss Malaysia has established itself as the dominant force in the Asian online gaming business via its advertising effort.

Introduction of XE88

XE88 joined the online gambling market in 2018, and in less than two years, this online Casino has established itself as a leader in the industry. On specific sites, there are a significant number of good evaluations. It was revealed that their Android app has received more than 1 million upgrades.

For a firm that has only been in business for two years, it is an outstanding achievement. Most of the games at XE88 Online Casino Malaysia, like many other well-known offline and online casino websites, are inspired by the Asian population; this is also true of many other important offline and online casino websites.

They offer over 112 games that users may participate in, most of them having unique features and regulations. Various sorts of gambling at XE88 include table card games, a revolving arcade, and other forms of entertainment in addition to video slot play. When you first log onto their website. A large number of the games that are currently accessible are shown on the site. Take your selection from the ones you’d want to see and immediately start.

Why XE88 is Better Than 918Kiss

Why XE88 is Better Than 918Kiss
Why XE88 is Better Than 918Kiss

A great feature of XE88 Games Casino is that it is straightforward. Every one of the games is simple, and there are no complicated or tight restrictions that you’ll need to be aware of while playing.

Except for the fact that it provides a straightforward platform for players to enjoy online games, it also provides a vast range of slot machines and table games and, of course, classic games such as Monkey slots, Ball slots, Crazy 7s, and Reel Classics.

However, most people don’t like several things about the XE88 Games Casino, including the absence of live tables and the desktop application is quite clunky and difficult to use due to various design problems. 

Ease of Download

The website for installing the 918Kiss software for Android and iOS smartphones ( is littered with error messages and failures throughout the installation process, and specific difficulties faced when playing.

Their approved website for downloading the XE888 program has been modified to illustrate how their organization has earned an advantage in the online casino market. As a result, there are almost no hiccups while playing online casino games. The download procedure is uncomplicated and straightforward, and it is simple to follow.

Bonuses and Incentives

The XE88 platform rewards both existing and new clients with benefits for signing in to play daily. The efficiency of this strategy is further boosted by discounts that are available at various stages and levels of the dealer’s game of choice.

Sunken treasures, matching cards, puzzle games, adventure games, casino games, etc. are all available to the player. There are games for everyone. There are many kinds of games since, at XE88, we understand that each customer’s demands are diverse and unique to themselves.

Safety and Security

Unlike other online casinos (such as 918Kiss, Mega888, LPE888, WUKONG88, and others), the XE88 platform regularly examines security procedures to guarantee its clients’ personal information is protected when transacting online. It’s one of the first things a new member learns about the service when they register and finish the registration process

The consumer is needed to supply a new password once the account has been established. This password must be distinct from the one used to sign up in the first place. Following the receipt of a confirmation number, the new password will take the place of the prior one.

Furthermore, the operators and developers are completely licensed and have secured all the necessary licenses for online casinos and video slot machines via legal means. You may rest easy knowing that any data you send over the Internet is protected by 128-bit encryption. It will only be used to comply with the organization’s terms and privacy policies.


While there are several advantages to betting and online casinos, it is recommended that you exercise caution to avoid losing too much money or time or becoming addicted to gambling. Overall, the customer support department is there to assist gamers with any issues they may be experiencing. In general, we are anticipating forward to expanding online casino games in the future. Because of the evolution of mobile innovation, you will see a rise in the number of gambling games accessible via mobile applications. With your smartphone, you may download and play from any place.