Technologies That Are Shaping Online Casinos

Technology revolutionized gambling in the late 1990s when gambling was brought to the internet. This technologies made gambling accessible to even people that didn’t have casinos in their home areas and those that didn’t want to go to the physical casinos. But besides the internet, several other technologies are making gambling much more fun and easier to do.

In this post, I am going to share with you some of the top technologies that are shaping the online gambling industry.


Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies online casino

A blockchain is a digital ledger with immutable information. This piece of technology is what cryptocurrencies use to process and register transactions. There are several online casinos today that use cryptocurrencies as their payment method for deposits and withdraws. This has made depositing and withdrawing of funds on online casinos private and safer.

Some online players do not feel comfortable giving their payment details like credit card numbers to online casinos. With cryptocurrencies, people now feel more secure since all you give to the online casino is your wallet ID.


128-bit Encryption and SSL Certificates

This piece of tech is what makes websites secure by encrypting user and payment information of an individual to prevent it from being accessed by any third parties and hackers. It is for this reason that most casinos are now safer than they used to be in the past with the technologies. Cases of hacking casinos are no longer as rampant as they used to be back then.


AR and VR Casinos Technologies

AR stands for Augmented reality whereas VR stands for Virtual reality. When you put on an AR headgear while playing games that support AR, you will get an enhanced experience of the game like viewing all the game features in 3D. On the other hand, virtual reality takes you to another world of gaming experience by simulating the gaming events to make you feel like you’re physically experiencing whatever is going on in the game


Mobile Gaming Support


Mobile gaming has made it possible to play online casino games right from your iPhone or Android device. Casino game developers have also put a lot of emphasis on developing games that suit mobile devices. In the earlier days of online gambling, games were mainly developed to suit the PC browsing interface.

But today, almost every online casino( like Mega888) has a mobile application with all the games that most online gamblers love to play.  Right from the mobile device, one can make deposits, play the games and also withdraw their payouts without the need of a PC at any one point.


4G and 5G Internet Technologies for Casinos

With faster internet, it is now possible to stream high definition videos live from casinos. 4G internet that was introduced almost 10 years ago made it possible for online casino players to stream live games that are broadcasted live from real casinos. With 5G, streaming will even become more seamless with less latency – a problem that 4G is facing. It will also make other technologies like AR and VR to be better implement